About Us


We are skilled professionals in various disciplines who are passionate about sharing our skills and experience to enable other companies and individuals to grow, learn and expand their vision and dreams. We mentor and guide as partners in your venture so that you absorb our guidance and become independently skilled and competent. We are your outsourced Executive Team!

Our value proposition

In addition, we are your sounding board for new ideas and help shape and channel these ideas into practical, working reality.

Trust, reliability and confidentiality are cornerstones of our philosophy. We don’t view ourselves as outsiders and we invite you to engage with us as your professional guides and partners. Our business dealings will always be ethical, honest and transparent.

Over and above our specific professional skills, we bring a unique creative approach to solve problems or embark on a selected strategy.

At the end of a process, we would like you to view us as approachable acquaintances who are sharing the journey with you. Both the ups and the downs, the success and the challenges. We’ll celebrate together and work through hard times as well.


Our Clients

SMME Corporate Companies

Engineering & Manufacturing

Wholesale & Retail



Import & Export

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We'll be happy to assess your individual requirements.

Flexible solutions

Whether you're looking for once-off advice or a full range of services, we will assess your needs, evaluate options and develop solutions, best suited for your type of industry and environment.